Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The Baby Mama Saga: Sophie Momodu's Lawyers Write Hospital Where Lab Test Was Conducted

David Adeleke aka Davido had alleged that his baby mama was an unfit mother whose breast milk was contaminated with cannabis. He even released a copy of the medical report to back his statement.  Read his Statement HERE.  Sophie's uncle - veteran journalist and Ovation Publisher responded to Davido's allegations - HERE.

Well, the story has taken a new turn and Sophie's lawyers have written to the clinic where the test was purportedly conducted demanding a copy of the said pathology report cited by Davido.

Sophie's lawyers - S.O. Ajayi & Co, wrote in their letter to the clinic - Clina-Lancet Laboratories:

“Our client gained knowledge of this Pathology Report that your company issued concerning her, for the first time on the social media on Sunday the 3rd of January, 2016. We have our client’s instruction to request you to promptly furnish her with the original copy of the above mentioned Pathology Report, as the said Pathology Report was never given to her.”

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