Saturday, March 26, 2016


1. Speak gently and calmly to your wife. Never raise your voice at her, it demeans her and shows you think she is stupid.

2. NEVER expose your wife's weakness to your family or run to them whenever you have issues or anyone else cause it will come back to hunt you.

3. Never use intimidation, shout or violence to communicate your moods. Aggressive men don't make a happy home.

4. Don't compare your wife to other women. You don't know what their husbands are going through. If you attack her self esteem you will forever have a timid wiffy.

5. Don't forget that your wife married you to take care of her and the children not the reverse. Do your duties.

6. Never blame your wife if she doesn't take care of the home everyday. She is swamped with house work and helping you raise the kids.

7. Don't be wasteful spending money on drinks, friends and extended family. The wife and children are your first responsibility.

8. Sex is also important to women. Her pleasure should be considered before your own.

9. Never compare your wife to your ex-girlfriends. If you loved them so much why didn't you marry them instead of your wife.

10. Don't always speak for your wife. She has her mouth. She is not a doll baby.

11. Never shout down your wife or challenge her in front of the children. The children are watching. They won't listen and obey her too.

12. Don't forget to check the beauty of your wife before she steps out. You don't want her to embarrass you outside.

13. Your mother should not have the final say in the marriage. Let her talk in her own husbands house.

14. Don't forget that women also want attention and someone to share their thoughts with. Never be too busy for your wife. Men don't like to talk much but good communication is the bedrock
of every relationship.

15. If your idea worked better than hers. Never assume you are superior. It's still teamwork.

16. Don't be too judgmental of your wife. No woman likes a wahala husband.

17. A lazy man is a careless and dirty man. Keep your body neat. Shower and brush your teeth at night time. She will love you more.

18. Does your wife cook all the meals? You can volunteer to man the kitchen sometimes and cook a sumptuous meal. After all no man jokes with food.

19. Never be too demanding expecting a superwoman. Pitch in and help around the house too. You will still be the MAN.

20. Offer your wife a kiss and a snack when she returns home. Don't just ask for your food. After all, you were home and she was out. Sweetness of attitude is true beauty.

21. Don't associate with male friends who have the wrong idea of marriage. Don't be deceived their marriages are not perfect.

22. Fruit of the womb is a blessing. Love the children take an active part in raising them.

23. You are never too busy to have an influence in your home.

24. A prayerful man is a better equipped husband. Pray always for your wife and family. Don't leave the prayers to your wife. 

Share and send this to every man you know. You never know whose marriage you are about to save.   Share and send to every woman as well so that the man in their lives can be guided better.

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