Saturday, March 05, 2016


Like nectar that attracts hordes of bees, the ancient city of Calabar has over the years attracted millions of Nigerians and foreigners, majority of who are drawn to her vantage position as the nation’s most peaceful city. But on the 25th of March, 2016, in ONE NIGHT that “serenity” will be broken in, as God's General; the cutting edge, fiery, anointed and dangerous terrorizer of the devil, Bishop Josef Bassey ministers in Miracles in Calabar!

Someone uninformed may ask, “What’s the hype about and why should I attend?”  Let me lay it on you thick!  The cities of Ogoja, Ugep, Akamkpa are still yet to recover and I dare say, never will, from the colossal Holy Ghost bombardment they experienced through Bishop Josef Bassey in the Global Invasion 2016 series of miracles crusades. Over 1000 instant miracles have been recorded and several weeks later, people are still travelling from the neighbouring cities to testify of the mighty acts of God in their lives tied to the encounters they had had.

All these pale into insignificance when juxtaposed with the current efforts geared towards the upcoming episode in the state capital and ancient city of Calabar. The encounters will be no different as heaven’s headquarters would be relocating to U. J. Esuene Stadium on that night. God will be in attendance and His host of angels will be holding the fort as the Holy Spirit moves mightily in the midst of the people, touching to transform, liberate, destroy, repair and renew. Diverse mind boggling and astonishing instant miracles will materialize and incredible faith-stirring testimonies will be shared.

Right now, excitement in the city is palpable and extremely contagious. The hundreds of partners, invested with enormous responsibilities for the events’ colossal success are fired up for the groundwork, running relentlessly round the clock, stretched but determined in churning out multi-faceted strategies for crowd control, security, an immaculate environment, clear-cut visuals and sound. Something big is indeed about to break forth!

Bishop Josef Bassey is one of Nigeria’s foremost, respected and celebrated spiritual leaders who has been on the frontline of a global campaign to take humanity out of captivity and lead God’s people into the fullness of their covenant inheritance in Christ. Judging categorically from the laudable features and landmark accomplishments of every miracle crusades Bishop Josef Bassey has ever held, I make bold to assert even at the risk of being branded a sycophant that indeed a revolution is underway in Cross River State that will transform the land for praiseworthiness akin to what is obtainable under God in any other part of the world.

DATE:      Friday 25th March 2016  (Good Friday)
TIME:      5pm 
VENUE:   U. J Esuene Stadium, Calabar


Enquires:  08181010099


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