Tuesday, March 22, 2016



  1. Calabar gal, is it weird that I did not know you were a blogger? I googled calabr gal now and blahhh you were in my face. Please don't be angry with me huni. How are you?
    Mehn I just sent this picture to a friend of mine whose bf just broke up with her. Dunno how else to tell her God has a reason for letting certain people in our lives and certain people out of it. This totally makes sense dear.


  2. Hi Moby,

    I wonder why..... LOL!! Your blog is powered by blogger as well and all you had to do was click on my profile. (smile) I found out that wordpress and blogger are not friends. Any attempt to put my blogger address on any wordpress blog (or host), the comment does not get published so most times, I comment sans address.

    Thanks for stopping by......


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