Thursday, September 15, 2016

Female Robbery Suspect Stripped & Her Male Counterparts Fully Clothed. Why?

I want to cry out about the discrimination meted out to women in every sphere of life.  According to Facebook user - Blest Umoren,  the female in the picture above and her male colleagues accosted a man coming out of Ecobank, Aba Road in Port Harcourt, grabbed his N2m which he had just withdrawn from the bank and made off in their getaway car. 

I do not condone her actions (the robbery).  Infact, I strongly condemn her actions.  What I do not understand is why she was the only one stripped of her clothing while her male colleagues are still fully clothed?  Why was jungle justice meted out to only the female member of the gang?  Why was she the only one 'shamed' by having her clothing torn  taken off her body? This is not right and has to stop.  If you must shame gang members, shame all of them equally and not the females only!

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